General conditions

Trade relations between GSMobile Technology Solutions S.L., NIF B84711050 and its users-customers are especially subject to the following conditions of sale, accepted the application for account opening and / or confirmed by the completion of new orders.
By accepting this contract, the buyer states:
- That he is a person of legal age and capable of hiring.
- That you have read and accept the present conditions of sale.
These conditions, hereinafter "Sales conditions" governing the legal relationship that emanates from recruitment processes conducted among users-customers, hereinafter "Customers" Web page located at the URL www.gsmobile. Is owned by GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL, with its registered office at Calle Miguel Servet, 11 28012 Madrid España. Customers accept the Terms of Sale from the moment they use or contract the service or purchase any product. This document can be printed and stored by the Customers. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. para que puedan plantear cualquier duda acerca de las Condiciones de venta.   "> makes available to these, the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that they can raise any doubt about the Conditions of sale.
Applicable rules

These Terms of Sale are subject to the provisions of Law 7/1998, dated April 13, on Conditions of sale of Procurement, Law 26/1984, of July 19, General for the Defense of Consumers and Users , Royal Decree 1906/1999 of December 17, 1999, which regulates the Telephone or Electronic Contracting with conditions of sale, Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, The Law 7/1996, dated January 15, of the Ministry of Commerce, to Act 34/2002 of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 23/2003, of July 10, Of Guarantees on the sale of Consumer Goods, Royal Decree 208/2005 of 25 February on electrical and electronic equipment and the management of their waste: Directive 2003/96 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003 on waste electrical and electronic equipment, • Directive 2002/95 / C E of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. ISO 13406-2 on plasma screens, as well as any other standard that replaces the previous ones or are applicable in Spain.
If you reside outside Spain and under your legislation not applicable to Spanish law, you can not contract the services or products of

Modification of Terms of Sale

GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL may modify the Conditions of Sale notifying the Customers in advance, in order to improve the services and products offered through by modifying the conditions of sale displayed on the website of, it will be understood to have fulfilled said duty of notification.
In any case, before using the services or contracting products, the Conditions of sale can be consulted.
Description of products and services

The products of that are commercialized through the acquisition of the same through our website, grant the right of return in the seven days (business days) following the reception of the order. Only returns of products in their original condition, with their packaging, documentation, etc. will be accepted.
The offer of the products of has indefinite validity being able to be modified, rectified or canceled without previous notice to the habitual users or consumers or eventual.
GSMOBILE SOLUTIONS TECNOLÓGICAS S.L makes all the efforts within its means to offer the information contained in the website of truthful form and without typographical errors. In the event that at any time an error of this type occurred, at any time outside the control of GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L, it would proceed immediately to its correction.
Description of contents and intellectual property
The contents supplied by are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights and are the exclusive property of GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L or of the natural or legal persons that are informed. By purchasing a product or service, does not grant the purchaser any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication on the same.
The assignment of said rights shall require the prior written consent of the owner. The client may not make such content available to third parties.
The intellectual property extends, in addition to the content included in, to its graphics, logos, design, images and source code used for its programming.

Prices and payment methods

The prices, characteristics and availability of the products marketed by GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L can vary and will inform the customer before accepting any order.
GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L will not ship any products until its administration department has verified that the payment has been made or that the request for payment against reimbursement has been accepted in order to avoid possible false or not accepted orders by the customer ..
GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL may suspend or cancel any shipment or Contract pending, without incurring liability for any damages or losses, in case of non-payment by the Client, total or partial, on the due date agreed for one or more shipments of products, Including lost profits, or damages for delay or loss of production caused to the Customer. The former power of GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L shall in no case release the Client from its contractual obligations in relation to the payments due and to the reception of products.
In the event of a delay in the receipt or withdrawal of the merchandise by the Customer, GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L. Shall be entitled to store the merchandise, at the Client's risk and expense, at its premises or at the premises of a third party and the customer shall be obliged to pay the expenses incurred to GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L
The prices indicated on our website include VAT, (Shipping costs and eventual charges for payment on delivery not included).

Payment Methods

- Bank transfer: to proceed with the order as soon as possible it is necessary that in the concept of the transfer the order number is reflected, will not be responsible for the delays caused by this reason.
Bank: CAIXA - Account IBAN: ES2321002282470200275187 - BIC/SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX - Concept: order number - Owner: GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L.

- Credit and debit cards: this payment method is immediate. When the order is confirmed with payment by card, a redsys page frame will appear on the screen. You can make the payment by writing the information on the card. GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L. You will not receive or access these data.

- Paypal is a secure payment system in which the user opens an account in the system that later allows him to make payments in many online stores around the world, using his credit or debit card.
Paypal will be the only one who will have your bank details being an intermediary between you and This payment method is immediate, at the moment you make the payment, we receive it by processing your order (after verification that the data is correct).
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GSMOBILE Soluciones Tecnologicas SL makes shipments in the following methods and prices:

  • European Community

. DHL, shipping costs on request € 13.99 incl. VAT, delivery period 24/48 hours
. Mail Certified from Spain, shipping costs per customer € 5.00 VAT included, delivery time 7-15 days.

By choosing Mail from Spain, the shipping price is free for all orders over € 100.00.

  • Spain Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

Mail from Spain, delivery items by order € 5,00 incl. VAT, delivery in 2-5 days.

  • Spain Peninsular and Portugal

MRW, incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping costs Order on hand € 5.00 incl. VAT, delivery time in 24-48 hours

  • Pickup in store in Madrid, Spain, Calle Miguel Servet 11 (free)

At the time of receipt of the parcel by the courier check:

  • The correspondence of the number of packages with that indicated in the delivery bubble
  • The integrity of the packaging, which must not be damaged or altered
  • The integrity and presence of the sealing tape bearing the GSMOBILE name

Service Use and Responsibilities

GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL does not guarantee the permanent availability of the services, being exempted by any type of responsibility for possible damages and damages caused due to the unavailability of the service due to force majeure or errors in the telematic networks of data transfer, outside of his will.
GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L is not responsible for the content of the links to other web pages that are not owned by you and, therefore, can not be controlled by it.
The customer declares that he / she knows that the information provided by through its services, is not legal and is only offered for information purposes.

All notices, requests, requests and other communications to be made by the parties in relation to these Terms of Sale shall be made in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly made when they have been delivered by hand or sent by regular mail to Address of the other party or to the email of the other party, or to any other address or email that for this purpose each party may indicate to the other.
Nullity and inefficiency of clauses
If any clause included in these Conditions of Sale is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only that provision or the part thereof that is null or ineffective, with the conditions of sale remaining in all respects Other, such provision being, or the part of the same that was affected, not put.

Warranty standards

For sales made to final customers. The seller responds to any lack of conformity that manifests itself within a period of two (2) years from the delivery of the good. However:
If the lack of conformity manifests itself during the first six (6) months from the delivery of the thing, it is presumed that such lack of conformity existed when it was delivered.
From the sixth month, the consumer must demonstrate that the lack of conformity existed at the time of delivery of the good.
Failures caused by negligence, tampering, improper use or manipulation, improper tension, improper installation not carried out by the Authorized Technical Service where appropriate, or materials subject to wear and tear due to normal use are not included.
In the case of computer articles, the warranty will not cover the virus removal, restoration of programs for this reason or the reinstallation of the disk caused by the deletion of the same.

In those incidents that justify the use of the guarantee, we will opt for repair, replacement of the item, rebate or return, in the legally established terms.
The warranty will lose its value:
- If some of the data of the same or proof of purchase are modified, altered or replaced.
- If the identification number or the device itself is tampered with or repaired without the knowledge of the Technical Service.
- If you do not have the purchase invoice.

The Customer will make use of the merchandise according to the user's manual and instructions of the manufacturer. GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L shall not be liable for any damages or damages of the Client, or any third party, derived from the failure to observe the instructions contained in the user manual or Safety Standards of the merchandise. GSMOBILE SOLUTIONS TECNOLÓGICAS S.L is not responsible for the incorrect configuration or installations or fault in a computer caused by a component not supplied by GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L.

The warranty will be invalid under the following circumstances: Inadequate transportation and / or transportation, defective installations and / or errors in installation, installation and / or connection of peripheral elements not compatible with the product, improper supply voltage, handling by personnel other than the service Of GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL or of the manufacturer, or manipulation of any seal or tag of identification / control, fault or negligence of the Client or third party, or normal wear and tear due to the use, damages due to phenomena or natural catastrophes such as storms, floods, lightning , Earthquakes, fires, etc. Whether or not they affect the electricity supply; Incidents due to problems with software or computer viruses.

To carry out repairs GSMOBILE SOLUTIONS TECNOLÓGICAS S.L may replace parts or the entire unit as it deems appropriate. The classification of the damage, and whether or not covered by the guarantee, will correspond to GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL All repairs must be authorized by GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL The repair of defective products acquired telematically in the web page of the company GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL Will be free for the consumer and user if it is within the warranty period of the product, and that gratuity will include all shipping costs, as well as costs related to labor and materials, and will be carried out within a reasonable time and without major Inconveniences to the consumer and user, given the nature of the product and the purpose it had for the consumer and user.

In the event of a lack of conformity of the product specifications with those indicated by the manufacturer or claims for defects or obvious defects in materials or workmanship, quality, quantity or otherwise, Customer must notify GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL, By means of which they record their receipt.

The repairs will require the presentation of a copy of the invoice and a detailed description of the defects. If the manufacturer has a technical service for your product, the Customer may contact the customer directly.

The Customer is obliged to carry out, at his own risk and expense, a backup copy of the data, before delivery of the product to GSMOBILE SOLUTIONS TECNOLÓGICAS S.L for repair or testing. The total liability of GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L, by any concepts, will not exceed, in any case, the total value of the defective merchandise supplied. In no case shall GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L be liable for any damages, in particular lost profits, or damages for expected results, delay or loss of production. Likewise, any liability for loss or damage to information or data records is expressly excluded. In any case, the Customer will be obliged to make the necessary backups that allow the reconstruction of lost or damaged data.

The indemnities provided for in this clause will exclude any other indemnity due to defects or lack of quality or quantity.

The products marketed by are guaranteed by the manufacturers, or by, for this we have arranged a table of guarantees, in which the consumer / buyer, can consult in real time the generic guarantees of each One of the products marketed by, as well as its treatment and who is in charge of the incident, providing the telephone number of the technical service to which it corresponds in his case. has the responsibility to provide at the time of the sale of the product the necessary documentation to manage any type of RMA incidence.

Product change

GSMOBILE SOLUTIONS TECNOLÓGICAS S.L can not replace without prior consultation the customer, a product or product model.
If it is the case that for reasons beyond the scope of both, the customer can not acquire the requested product, he has the right to cancel his order, in this case, he will be paid the amount paid in a term no greater than thirty days.

Cancellation of order

If the buyer makes the decision to cancel the order,, will reimburse the user the price paid within a maximum of thirty days
If the reason for the cancellation is outside GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L, the amount to be paid will be deducted the fees charged (if any) by the method of payment selected by the client.
In the event of canceling an order once it has already been confirmed and sent, the Customer will have to pay for the transportation and processing costs incurred.

Returns and refund

Products in perfect condition: the customer can return the product if he is not satisfied with it within 14 working days following the contract, will reimburse the user the price paid within a maximum period of thirty days.
If the reason for the return is unrelated to GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL, the amount to be paid will be deducted the fees charged (if any) for the method of payment selected by the customer, as well as any promotions or discounts that may be seen Void when returning the product or products.
No return of merchandise after 14 days (working), from the reception of the Product, for its payment; Well understood that the payment will imply a note in favor of the Client to compensate with future purchases.
The expenses derived from the return of the product will be in any case of account of the client, except in the cases of substitution of defective products.
The buyer must pay the direct costs of return and compensate for the damages that the product presents.
The return of the products will be made by sending the product, with its original packaging and all its accessories, to the address and attention of the person specified below:

Step 1: Request RMA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., para que le asignemos un número de devolución ">We must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that we assign a return number
Step 2: Return No. Assignment
Our return management department will assign you an RMA number and indicate the procedure to follow for shipping, by replying to your email.
Step 3: Identify the package
You must send the package with the return number clearly visible and in the manner indicated by the return department to
GSMOBILE SOLUTIONS TECNOLÓGICAS S.L DEVOLUCIÒN - Miguel Servet Street, 11 28012 Madrid Spain.
Step 4: Check Material Status

Our return department will verify that everything is correct and in perfect condition and, if applicable, will give the authorization to the administration department and inform the client via email. Product returns will not be accepted without attaching the invoice or proof of purchase.
The following products will not be returned:
A) Products that are not in perfect condition, with its original packaging and all its original accessories; Nor of products that are damaged, damaged, show signs of being manipulated or altered, or that have been used in an abusive or negligent way by the customer.
B) Computer software that has been unselected by the buyer, as well as computer files that have been supplied by electronic means.
C) Consumable products, software, video films, video games, and other similar products under seal, which may be reproduced or copied, when opened or unsealed by the customer.
D) Products that have been configured according to the specifications of the customer, requested on request or customized according to the indications provided by the customer.

If Customer cancels a confirmed order when it has already left the premises of towards the destination, or does not accept the package upon arrival, may demand the payment of the transportation costs incurred.
If Customer cancels or does not accept confirmed orders regarding Products expressly acquired by GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL for the Client, GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS SL may require the payment of a minimum compensation of 50% of the purchase price, as compensation Damages, as well as all transportation and storage costs.

Defective products

In this case, will act according to the guarantees of manufacturers and RMA, cited in pto. 11 of the present conditions of purchase and taking into account Law 23/2003, of 10 of July referring to the guarantees in the sale of consumer goods, as well as the one relative to the ISO 13406-2 on the plasma screens.

Misuse of the product

In no case,, will be responsible in the following cases:
If the products have received, once delivered to the customer, some deterioration caused by external events, accidents, poor follow-up instructions or change in electrical voltages.

If the products supplied by, they are damaged as a result of incorrect configuration or installation by the client of software, hardware or peripherals.

If the products supplied by, they are damaged by a component not supplied by
Any misuse of the product that is indicated in the particular guarantees stipulated by the manufacturer.
Returns will not be accepted on sales of products that can be reproduced or copied immediately.

Information and links

GSMOBILE SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.L, can not assume any responsibility derived from the incorrect, inappropriate or unlawful use of the information appeared in the pages of With the limits established in the law, assumes no responsibility derived from the lack of veracity, integrity, updating and accuracy of the data or information that are contained in its Internet pages.
The contents and information of the websites of are obtained from the collaborators and other sources of news. However, the contents and information do not link to nor constitute opinions, advice or legal advice of any kind because it is merely a service offered for informational and informative purposes.

The websites of may contain links to other pages of third parties that can not be controlled. Therefore, can not assume responsibility for the content that may appear on third party pages ..
At the moment that detects in the pages and locations that direct the different links of its Internet pages content or information that is illegal or that damages property or rights of a third party subject to compensation, it automatically acts diligently to suppress or render useless The corresponding link, so any user should collaborate with informing him when he detects contents as described above.
This contract is governed by Spanish law, and in particular by common civil law.